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Safe Community Performance Metrics

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  Q4 2014
Measure/Explanation Actual Target Result
Drinking Water Regulation Violations
The compliance rate for a drinking water facility is based on meeting all EPA and state regulations pertaining to safe drinking water and public health.
0 0  
Number of Total Traffic Crashes
Total crashes is the number of reported public street crashes involving motor vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. These crashes can be injury crashes or property damage only crashes.
1,203 1,023  
Part 1 Crimes per Capita Compared to Cities of Similar Size
Part 1 crimes are defined by the FBI as: Aggravated Assault, Arson, Auto Theft, Burglary, Homicide, Rape, Robbery, and Theft.
77.4% 75.0%  
Percent of Time Fire Contained to Room of Origin
This measure relates to the ability of on-scene firefighters and building sprinklers to prevent fire flashover and the spread of a structure fire.
84.0% 80.0%  
Percent of Time PFA Fire Personnel are on Scene Within 5 Minutes 45 Seconds
Fire response time measures the time elapsed from when PFA is dispatched to when the first PFA personnel arrives on-scene. This data includes calls for emergencies, rather than routine service calls. PFA's target is to respond within 5 minutes, 45 seconds at least 90% of the time.
79.5% 90.0%  
Percent of Time Police Priority 1 Calls Responded to Within 5 Minutes
Median average time is the time it takes for an officer to respond (from the time the call is dispatched to when the officer arrives) to an emergency call, one that is an immediate threat to life, a felony-in-progress call, or a call where a weapon is being used.
100.0% 75.0%