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Community and Neighborhood Livability Performance Metrics

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  Q4 2014
Measure/Explanation Actual Target Result
Cumulative Number of Noise Complaints
This measures the number of noise complaints in a hot-spot area determined by the previous calendar year. The area is defined from Prospect Rd./Taft Hill Rd. northeast to Mulberry St./Shields St.
566 432  
Housing Opportunity Index (HOI)
The Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) is defined as the share of homes sold in an area that would have been affordable to a family earning the local median income. The target is to be 5% better than the national HOI.
69.6% 64.9%  
Number of Affordable Housing Units Resourced
The total number of housing units receiving affordable housing funding through the City's Affordable Housing Program
80 106  
Response Time to Graffiti Removal
This indicator measures the amount of time to respond to and abate both reported and unreported graffiti in the City. The goal is to have graffiti properly abated within two business days.
1.3 2.0  
Voluntary Code Compliance
This metric tracks the percentage of voluntary compliance with nuisance code violations issued by the City of Fort Collins. Voluntary compliance is defined as violations corrected by the property owner or tenant. The target is 95% voluntary compliance.
89.8% 90.0%