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Gardens on Spring Creek - Total Cumulative Participation

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance


Our visitation for Q3 2015 was 13,058. This is significantly lower than last year for the following reasons:
Centre Avenue was closed between Prospect and Rolland Moore Drive for several weeks in July due to construction of the Colorado State University Research Center to our north. Unfortunately, traffic signage blocked access to the facility and did not state that local businesses were open; causing lots of confusion and frustration among Gardens users - many of whom left without visiting.
The Gardens cancelled the ARTiculture Fine Arts festival due to a low return on resources invested and the closure of our non-profit event partner, Beet Street. This resulted in a 1,500 person decrease.
Staff turnover of key positions (Volunteer Coordinator and Youth Program Coordinator) caused the cancellation of some youth education programs and inability to take large volunteer groups resulting in decreased visitation.

Metric Definition

The total number of participants at the Gardens on Spring Creek.

Why Is This Important?

This metric provides an indication of the popularity of these facilities which, in turn, indicates how well the facilities are meeting the needs of the community.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - The Parks Department directly influences the number of participants by providing a quality experience at the Gardens on Spring Creek. The Parks Department also influences participation through marketing and outreach of these facilites.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress "This metric contains benchmark data for gardens in cities nationwide with similar acreage and city populations. Administratively, the Cheyenne, Bellevue, and Spring Creek gardens are public-private partnerships with free admission, while the Idaho garden offers a non-profit counterpoint. Use the above text when we get the data loaded.