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Recreation Programs - Total Cumulative Participation

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Note: Quarterly data was not collected prior to 2013 so the data in the chart for 2012 is an annual number.

Participation in Recreation programs did not meet the anticipated goal for the first and second quarters. Three factors contributed to the lower figure: 1) Construction at the Senior Center - the expansion project caused several closures during the second quarter and created parking difficulties, as well as affected space availability for program activities. Grand re-opening took place in July 2014 with expanded programming starting in September. 2) Closure of the Youth Activity Center during the Foothills Mall re-development has limited programming space particularly for Child Development programs. The new Foothills Activity Center (FAC) is expected to open mid-2015. 3) Methodology in accounting for number of participations of swim team members during practices and meets has changed from previous cycles, resulting in a lower participation count.

Metric Definition

The total number of participants in Recreation programs, events and facility visits.

Why Is This Important?

This metric provides an indication of the diversity and popularity of our Recreation programs. Offering a wide range of popular programs is a hallmark of successful operation.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - Recreation influences participation by offering a variety of diverse programs that appeal to the community while reflecting the community's demographics. Recreation also influences participation numbers through marketing and community outreach. Recreation directly influences the amount of programs by determinig the recreational needs of the community and developing programs that appeal to the community.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress "This metric contains benchmark data for local jurisdictions that provide recreation services similar to those provided by the City. These jurisdictions serve similarly sized populations, with similar local interests, and feature facilities and programs similar to those offered in Fort Collins. Use the above text when we get the data loaded.