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Number of Total Traffic Crashes

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance

The 1,203 crashes in the fourth quarter of 2014 was more than seen in previous fourth quarters including 2013 (1,120). Of the 1,203 total crashes in Q4 only 8 were severe injury crashes which is similar to the average (7) and was similar to what occurred (9) in the fourth quarter of 2013. Total crashes are increasing however, injury crashes remain stable suggesting an increase in “fender benders” associated with increased traffic volume/congestion.

Metric Definition

Total crashes is the number of reported public street crashes involving motor vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. These crashes can be injury crashes or property damage only crashes.

Why Is This Important?

Safe travel in Fort Collins is important for the quality of life for residents and visitors. In order to improve traffic safety, data must be used to determine specific problems than can be targeted.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium - Traffic crashes tend to have contributing factors from three areas: human factors, vehicle design/maintenance, and roadway/environment. The City uses a 3 E’s approach to traffic safety. That is, Engineering, Enforcement and Education. We can target the human element and the roadway element using this approach. While we can’t prevent all crashes, these efforts have some impact.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains no benchmark data due to a lack of comparable data. Reporting thresholds and the definition of injury crashes vary significantly between cities making comparisons of total crashes and/or injury crashes very difficult. Although there are consistent reporting requirements for fatal crashes, there are so few fatal crashes that they are of limited value for comparison purposes.