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Community Energy Use

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance


Electricity use per capita was over 12 percent lower in the third quarter of 2015 compared to the baseline year of 2005. This was a higher number than the same period in 2014, though still below the target value. The summer was very warm in 2015, which contributed to higher electricity use. Continued declines in per capita electricity use while the local economy is growing indicates that customers are aware of their usage, continuing efficiency programs, construction methods and on-going improvements in the availability of efficient products and services.

Metric Definition

Percent change in electricity use (kilowatt hours or kWh) per capita compared to 2005 (baseline year) The metric is evaluated quarterly, and is one measure of the community's energy efficiency.

Why Is This Important?

Percent change in kWh hours compared to the baseline year (2005) is a measure of the effectiveness of the City's energy conservation programs over time and influences the City's ability to meet energy and climate related goals.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium - The Utilities' Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs provides programs and services to promote reduce energy use. Weather and local economic conditions are the other primary influences which have an impact on the electric usage of the community.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress