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Cumulative Lane Miles of Roadway Pavement Improved

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

The Street Maintenance Program had set a performance goal of 135 total lane miles of road to resurface in 2014. During 2014 we were only able to produce 131 total lane miles. We were short by four lane miles from our goal as the result of increased project costs and the redirection of budget monies towards additional concrete repair and replacement. The redirection towards concrete was done in order to work towards achieving our program goal of getting concrete repairs performed one year in advance of our resurfacing operations.

Metric Definition

The number of lane miles improved displays the City’s commitment to providing safe, well-maintained streets.  Proper maintenance reduces future maintenance costs by extending the life of the pavement and maximizing our investments.  Quarterly targets are set to provide information on our progress towards meeting our yearly goals.  These targets vary from quarter to quarter due to weather limitations of the construction season. Achieving our yearly goals allows us to meet our overall street pavement condition Level of Service 'B' (LOS). The total number of lane miles improved annually increased significantly starting in 2011 due to the increased revenue dedicated to Street Maintenance and Repair in the Keep Fort Collins Great tax initiative in 2010.

Why Is This Important?

Well-maintained streets contribute to overall safety and reduces future maintenance costs by extending the life of the pavement and maximizing our investments. City Council has adopted policy that the overall road system condition be at a B level of service. Systematic maintenance extends and maximizes the street infrastructure lifespan.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - The City directly maintains the roadway system.

Benchmark Information

This metric does not contain benchmark information. It would not be a fair analysis to compare the City of Fort Collins to other public agencies as the number of lane miles of roadway pavement improved varies based on one’s budget, the type of maintenance treatments selected, community expectations, and other factors. The goal is to perform “the right treatment on the right street at the right time” in order to extend the life of the street and maximize our investment. Depending on the year and the resources that number can fluctuate. For example, the amount of asphalt overlay performed can vary from one year to another based on the current needs of the street network. More extensive repairs like a reconstruction or overlay treatment costs significantly more than surface treatments such as slurry seal, chip seal, and cape seals. Depending on the breakdown on the type of treatments utilized the number of lane miles improved will vary.