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Cumulative Number of Noise Complaints

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance


Cumulative complaints through Q3 2015 are down slightly from 2014, however not quite the desired target of a 10% reduction. This area is prone to a high level of noise and party complaints due to the mixed population of off-campus student population and the owner/occupied community. We continue to focus efforts on reducing the number of complaints through directed and proactive efforts, especially with the off-campus student population. The off-campus student population increased from Q2 to Q3 with the commencement of school, coupled with the unseasonably warm fall, the expectation was for the numbers to rise. The decrease indicates that mitigation efforts are having a positive effect.

Metric Definition

This measures the number of noise complaints in a hot-spot area determined by the previous calendar year. The area is defined from Prospect Rd./Taft Hill Rd. northeast to Mulberry St./Shields St.

Why Is This Important?

Quality-of-life issues, such as noise, are a concern given Fort Collins' demographic makeup. The number of noise complaints is seasonal and impacted by the student population.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Low - The City's impact to noise complaints is primarily a reactionary process with Police Services receiving a noise complaint and initializing noise mitigation procedures. However, the City has adopted proactive efforts to help reduce the number of noise complaints through cooperative relationships with other stakeholders such as CSU and the new Party Registration program.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains no benchmark data due to Fort Collins' unique method of counting the number of noise complaints within a "hot-spot." This method of counting is preferred because it more accurately assesses the impact of the City's efforts to curb noise violations within the hot-spot area..