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Number of Affordable Housing Units Resourced

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Note: Quarterly data was not collected prior to 2013 so the data in the chart for 2012 is an annual number.

Home Buyer’s Assistance is provided throughout the year. Three homeowners were assisted this quarter. While the target is 16 in a year, the timing of the applications is driven by when people find a home and is not a steady pace. Home sales prices remained high this quarter making it difficult for low income buyers requiring assistance to compete with cash investors who can pay over asking price or appraised value. Funding was provided through the Spring Competitive Process for 72 new units of rental housing being developed by the Fort Collins Housing Authority.

Note: There are two cycles for the competitive process that fund acquiring, preserving or developing housing units. We report units as soon as they are funded. We only report these as new rental housing units the first time they receive funding.

Metric Definition

The total number of housing units receiving affordable housing funding through the City's Affordable Housing Program

Why Is This Important?

The lack of affordable housing is a significant hardship for low-income households, preventing them from meeting their other basic needs, such as nutrition and healthcare, or saving for their future and that of their families. Investing in affordable housing helps preserve family stability, increases neighborhood diversity and quality.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - The City's Competitive Process provides funding for projects in the four priority Strategic Plan goals: 1) Increase the inventory of affordable rental units; 2) Preserve existing affordable housing units; 3) Increase housing and facilities for people with special needs; and 4) Provide financial assistance for first-time homebuyers. Without City funding, many of these types of project could not be completed by the private sector and non-profit agencies.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains no benchmark data because the processes and priorities that define the operation of the City’s Affordable Housing Program are highly specific to Fort Collins. Other cities’ programs are so significantly different that there would be little validity in any comparisons.