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Average Response Time of Cases Submitted to Access Fort Collins

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance

In the second quarter 1,173 cases were submitted through Access Fort Collins; the top topics were nuisance reporting (weeds/grass, graffiti, rubbish/trash, potholes) and reporting damaged traffic signs. The average response time remains steady at just under two days, even though the total number of cases has increased. This response time indicates that staff provide prompt responses to customer inquiries, and continue to far exceed the 10-business-day expectation outlined in City policies. We have an internal target response time of less than 3 business days.

Metric Definition

Total cases submitted online or via mobile application, including Council Member and City Manager requests (SARs). Average Response Time is the average number of business days from when a case is submitted to when a staff response is sent.

Why Is This Important?

Average response time is a customer service metric that indicates staff responsiveness to citizen and Council questions, comments and service requests. The total number of cases reflects the system use, which is important because the system was implemented to make it more convenient for citizens and Council to contact City staff and know that they will get a response.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - Result is completely dependent on staff prioritization to respond to cases submitted.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress "This metric contains benchmark data for cities using the same customer relationship management tool as Fort Collins. Because these cities use an identical product for similar purposes, the City can gather precise, highly comparable data from them. These cities also share demographic similarities.Use the above text when we get the data loaded.