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Cumulative Transfort Fixed Route Ridership

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Note: The target for 2014 has been altered due to the changes in fixed route service and the opening of MAX. The overall annual goal is a 4.8% increase in ridership over 2013, but the changes of routes and MAX don't allow for quarterly comparisons to the prior year.

Total fixed route ridership stands at 1,852,721 – 13.9% ahead of the same quarter in 2013 and 77% towards the annual goal of 2,501,071. MAX ridership stands at 85% of its annual goal and we are currently projecting a year-end ridership number of approximately 600,000 passenger trips. Other fixed route ridership has been lower than the same period last year, chiefly due to the elimination of three major routes and because of the reorganization of service. However, that being said, other fixed route ridership stands at 72% of its annual goal and the expectation is that the annual goal will be exceeded.

Metric Definition

The total number of fixed route passenger boardings. The target has been altered in 2014 to be a fixed amount based on the changes to fixed routes and the start of MAX.

Why Is This Important?

Tracking total fixed route ridership allows Transfort to gauge its overall performance from year to year, and is a general indication of how well Transfort is performing in all areas of customer satisfaction.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - Transfort influences fixed route ridership through its choice of routes, stops, schedules and frequency of service, as well as marketing and outreach.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress