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Lodging Occupancy Rates

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Fort Collins fell short of it's target of 75% occupancy for Q2, putting us in the yellow for this category.

Metric Definition

The lodging occupancy rate measures the number of hotel rooms occupied compared to the total number of hotel rooms available. This metric measures the net change from the previous year for the reporting time period.

Why Is This Important?

The lodging occupancy rate provides an understanding of the economic impact of visitors, both business and leisure, on the local economy. Higher occupancy rates indicate better use of the available hotel rooms and, therefore, greater visitation to our community.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Low - Although we have a minimal influence on the demand side, the City of Fort Collins does not control the supply of hotel rooms.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains benchmark data for other northern Front Range cities that compete with Fort Collins to attract visitors. Loveland and Greeley, due to their close proximity, are direct local competitors, while Grand Junction is a competitor for broader, statewide leisure travel.