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Commercial Vacancy Rates

Desired Result: Below Target

Analysis of Performance

While we saw slight drops in the vacancy rates for industrial and office, retail vacancy continued to be above the 5% target for Q2. However, the average of the three rates is below the 5% target so the result for Q2 2015 is green.

Metric Definition

Percentage of vacant, leasable commercial space within the city.

Why Is This Important?

Commercial property use provides a measure of economic activity and economic capacity. As the vacancy rate drops additional commercial space may be necessary to capture economic activity.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium - The activities of the Eonomic Health Office directly relate to users of commercial space, but actual leasing activity is also influenced by other outside factors.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains no benchmark data because the purpose of this metric is to track economic trends within Fort Collins over time. The internal focus of this metric limits the value of benchmarks; historical comparisons to the City’s past performance are more meaningful for this metric.