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Cumulative New Residential Permit Unit Volume

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Fort Collins showed strong residential growth in Q2, with a cumulative total of 676 units built in 2015, bringing us to the green in this category.

Metric Definition

Any new residential unit must obtain a building permit from the City. This metric reports the number of units for which permits were obtained each quarter.

Why Is This Important?

Residential construction activity provides a measure of the impact of economic activity on the community’s population. As economic activity increases residential construction may increase; a lack of increase may signify a rise in the number of employees who commute into the community.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Low - The City's influence over residential construction is driven primarily in the Land Use Code, however, many outside factors influence actual construction activity.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains benchmark data for other northern Front Range cities because these cities compete for residential construction in the same regional market as Fort Collins. Comparing to these benchmarks gives an indication of how well the City is competing to capture consumers in this market.