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New Commercial Permit Dollar Volume per Capita

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

Note: Loveland was removed as a benchmark due to differences in what qualifies as new commercial permit dollars. We are evaluating other cities along the Front Range for apples-to-apples benchmarking.

Fort Collins continued to see significant private development in Q3, with the quarterly and annual commercial permit dollar per capita figures both well over our 2014 targets. Our annual target of $140 was surpassed in Q1, putting us in the green for the year.

Metric Definition

This metric provides an understanding of the value of new commercial construction in the City. The total value of permits is divided by the current population to generate a value more easily compared to other communities.

Why Is This Important?

New commercial construction value measures market reaction to economic activity and the capacity of the market to react to job growth. Comparing this measure to other communities provides an indication of the City’s ability to capture economic activity compared to others.

City Organization Impact on Performance

Medium - The activities of the Economic Health Office directly relate to users of commercial space, but actual construction activity is also influenced by other outside factors.

Benchmark Information

This metric contains benchmark data for other northern Front Range cities because these cities compete for commercial construction in the same regional market as Fort Collins. Comparing to these benchmarks gives an indication of how well the City is competing to capture the value in this market.