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Transfort Fixed Route Passengers per Revenue Hour

Desired Result: Above Target

Analysis of Performance

As expected, passengers per revenue hour has decreased year to date over the same prior year period and from the same quarter in 2013. However, those respective decreases of 6.9% and 10.4% are less than anticipated » the main reason being that MAX ridership has been greater than expected and has outweighed the average expected passenger per hour count, even with revenue service running until midnight, 6 days per week. MAX is currently operating at 33.6 passengers per revenue hour while the rest of our fixed route system combined is operating at 27.3 passengers per revenue hour. In the 2nd quarter of 2013, the entire system, without MAX but inclusive of routes 1 & 15, was performing at a rate of 28.2 passengers per revenue hour » only 3% higher than current rates.

Metric Definition

The average number of passengers who board a transit vehicle for every revenue hour of service that a vehicle is operating.

Why Is This Important?

This metric allows Transfort to gauge the productivity and effectiveness of its service, and to compare against peer transit agencies.

City Organization Impact on Performance

High - Transfort influences fixed route ridership through its choice of routes, stops, schedules and frequency of service, as well as marketing and outreach.

Benchmark Information

Benchmarking in progress