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Motorist and bicyclist education is an important aspect in creating a bicycle friendly community. The "Coexist" Campaign was designed to address six of the most important educational messages for bicyclists and motorists. The educational messages were identified through national and local sources. The "Coexist" campaign's objectives include educating bicyclists on how to ride respectfully in an urban setting, educating motorists on how to drive cautiously, while stressing to both motorist and bicyclist the importance of mutual awareness, patience, and courtesy.

FC Bikes partnered with local art photographer, Darren Mahuron, from Summit Studios to develop the campaign. Darren's photographic work captures the essence of motion whereby creating an image that captivates and entertains the audience. The entertainment and visually appealing aspect were very important factors in the development of the education campaign. Educational messages are often didactic and dull. It was our goal to create an educational campaign that would reach out, grab, and identify with our audience.

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